Tutorials Remake

“No one reads text in a tutorial” –  Abhinav Sarangi

“Just press the skip button, I will figure out how this game works.”


Explaining your game is harder than developing it

We wanted from the first prototype to allow the player to do whatever they want in our game. However we had lots of ideas and it was very hard to understand from the start. Basically people had lots of options but no reason to use them at all. Neither the chance. So we faced our next big challenge: Introducing the player step by step in our game.

Gradually learning

We had to teach the player each and every mechanic as well as giving them the chance to use it and also a reason to use it without overwhelming him with lots of information.

Short paragrahps

We approached a different strategy. We have put the text on the background and tried to make it as short as possible so player can see it when they walk by without their game being interrupted. Also, we tried to demonstrate each paragraph with meaningful information so players who do not read them will see the effect in action anyway.

Images with what matters

Even thought we do not like tutorials, we had to introduce the control system to the player, so we used white medium sized images to catch the eye of the player. These images swap between Keyboard and Xbox depending on what you are using at the moment in time.

If you ever forget something

We also wanted to create a place where people can find old tutorials, they have skipped or do not remember. We added them to the pause menu to be accessible for players who are feeling lost.

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