Hand rotation feedback

“How can I aim?” – The problem we addressed for the past week. It’s very important for the player to be able to see where the hand is going to spit the substance.



The hand is always pointing towards the mouse

We got a lot of feedback regarding the visual feedback around the collecting and releasing system. A lot of player find it difficult to move the hand with the mouse so thanks to your responsive feedback and ideas we came up with 2 simple solutions around those problems.

How can I collect substances?

To simply the collecting of the substances. We decreased the particles needed to fill the player’s containers. This way the player will spend less time looking at falling water. Also we added a small vision feedback to the hand. Now when the robot can collect a substance, a small vacuum will appear at the end of his hand. *Just a place holder sprite for the moment*

Where am I shooting the substances at?

For the second problem we added some small arrows to indicate the path the particles will go after releasing. We added some transparency to them to avoid interfering with the gameplay. This allows for an accurate aim without disturbing the player too much.

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